Beginning Minimalism

You should know that the working title was:

‘I’m keeping most of my knick knacks: A story of how you can pry my books out of my cold dead hands’

Anywho, minimalism is something I’ve been attracted to for a while now. Although as a side note that I’ll throw out there right now, I’m not into the typical minimalism, or rather…I have my own spin.

I have found that often minimalist rooms are just white on white, and have little to no things in them (except uncomfortable looking chairs. I’m trying to get rid of stuff, that doesn’t mean I’m getting rid of my ability to feel pain in my butt), and that’s just not for me. I love how clean everything looks, but let’s face it, I always think a room would look better if it was lime green, had a few weird things in it, and a bunch of books.


(My tailbone hurts just looking at this)

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One step forward, two steps back

Real talk: for the past 2 weeks I’ve been on the struggle bus.

I had a great workout week 2 weeks ago, and then everything just went downhill. Which makes no sense, I’m completely aware, which somewhat makes it worse! At the time exercising every day didn’t feel that hard, although it was draining feeling like I was always doing something that I didn’t want to do. I hate when it feels like my life revolves around something that I feel is tedious.

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Thoughts I have while online wedding dress shopping

-Oh god, that dress dips super low in back. I have way too much acne scaring for that. Although if I got a tattoo back piece, that would look amazing AND cover up the scars. Is that in the budget though?

-If I don’t lose the weight and look huge in all of my wedding pictures, will that put a damper on the day? I know that’s superficial and lame, but its an honest worry.

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Work Week Workout! Jan. 29 – Feb. 2

Hey everyone, welcome to the first work week update! (these will start going up Friday night, but I slacked last week)


Today I had a half cup of almonds, which I’ve recently gotten into. I know, I’m the WORST fitness person, cause I had never had almonds until a guy at work was like YO try them, you’ll like them! And you know what, he was right. They’re so good (yay for salt!) and weirdly filling. As someone who can really stuff themselves, how full I can feel on almonds is weird. Alien technology? Maybe.

Side note, should I actually list what I eat. Is that weird? Would people read that and think “huh, this girl is obsessed with herself?” or would it help keep me intentional and on track? Am I thinking about this too much? Who freakin knows. Back to Monday!

Yall. I’m dying for sugar. And I already had a soda! Yes. I had a soda at like…7am. But I’m letting myself finish the cans of soda I had, and then not have anymore! So really the focus is not being wasteful. You’re welcome, Earth!

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Week Goals in a video update form! ~1~

Also called: Sunday Intensions (oooooh, ahhhh, an official name!)

Hi everyone! I’m starting something new and intentional, I’m going to be doing a short vlog on Sundays giving a quick update, sharing my goals for that week and doing a weight update as well!

Last night was my 1st one, let me know what you think in the comments down below! I know it’s kind of odd, doing a mixed media sort of blog, but having to do a video feels like just the kick in the ass I need to set goals and actually work for them. Sometimes having a long goal can be harder then just having a goal for that week, because I don’t know about you, but I can push off a weekly goal until all of a sudden it’s  Thursday night and it feels too late to start. Then suddenly its Sunday night, time for a fresh start…but I’m tired and forgot to shower, so maybe Tuesday?

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Hello 2018!

Hi everyone! It has been a HOT minute since I was on here! Let’s catch you up:

-I’ve been sick since before new years. So watching what I eat just hasn’t been happening. How does anyone intermittent fast when sick?!

Super humans, I tell you what. Don’t even get me started on working out. So let’s be real, I’m probably back up to my starting weight, but we’re not even gonna go there right now.

-I moved in with Matt! What what, cohabitation y’all!

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Feeling Faint + Weekend Update

Today is the first day that I’ve truly felt awful with this whole ‘not eating during the day‘ thing. And I still have no regrets…but tell you what, it’s making this Monday hard. I’ve already done one round on the elliptical (burning roughly 100 calories) but my goal was to start doing it twice a day this week. Tell you what though, that is definitely not happening when I feel like this. I already cannot wait to eat, which is no surprise because we all know I’ve been ready to eat since I woke up.

And now for the weekend update!

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I’ve burned a lot of bridges in my life, most of them on purpose. For the larger part of my adult life I haven’t been interested in forced friendships, friendships where one person cares more then the other, or friendships that just innately make me feel less then or sad.

So, there’s been a lot of fires, and as I’ve grown I’ve looked back and thought “wow, I could’ve handled that better”, and I’ve learned. I had 2 tight friends forever, and now neither are in my life. One was by my choice and one was by hers, and getting nearer to my wedding I’ve been reaffirmed over and over again that I don’t regret not having them here. So many times when something sucky happens it really does open the door for something else. It sounds sooooo cheesy, but dang if it isn’t true.

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