It’s Been A Hot Minute

And really, all you’ve missed is a lot of procrastinating mixed with hating myself for giving in and eating my feelings of disappointment for having such a growing belly and me (sometimes) doing ok and managing to drink water and not eat everything in sight. I’ve noticed that Sundays are always the worst, because it somehow seems like Mondays are not just the beginning of a new week but also the beginning of trying again and seemingly failing again.

I know. The negativity is alive and well. But I’m also writing this on a Sunday night, so it is what it is. I do think that I’m going to start blogging even when I don’t have some profound message, because I want to get my thoughts out there. Out here? On here? Somewhere, definitely somewhere.

So here we are, Sunday night. I’m looking at four ten hour days this week, and for the past few weeks getting up from my desk and walking around has turned into sitting at my desk and watching youtube while on breaks, so much so that my health app has taken it upon itself to inform me that I’ve had a decrease in activity for the past few weeks. SO. FLIPPIN. RUDE.

So here’s to a more active week! (With hopefully less bitching from the nosy app)

Also with less breakfast sandwiches.


And a balance of these two:

blogScreen Shot 2017-07-09 at 8.18.22 PM


Because let’s be honest, both are so real.


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