Day 1: Intermittent Fasting

So I knew this was going to be difficult, because I’m one of those people that doesn’t just wake up hungry in the morning, I wake up HANGRY. I’m talking:

— this is just so accurate —

To catch you up, I’m doing this type of intermittent fasting:


And I’m just making a conscious effort to not snack (or more accurately, binge eat) late at night/after dinner. Learn more here!

So here we are on Day 1, I’ve decided not to go cold turkey and just jump right in, but I am trying to last as long as possible. I woke up at 6am so my “feeding time” starts at 3pm. Also, there has to be a better term for that, because “feeding time” sounds like I’m lining up at the trough with pigs waiting to get fed. Ugh.

10:30am – I just started writing this blog post! I’m not happy about the no food, but I’m making sure to drink water and have almost emptied my 64+oz water bottle, so that’s exciting! It would however be more exciting if it was filled with chicken nuggets.

But that’s just me.

I am on the level of hunger where I swear I can feel it in my eyeballs.


— not quite this, but we’re getting there —

Also today I’m making a trip to Target to buy a few bigger shirts. What a confidence boost, am I right? But honestly, it’s going to help me feel a lot more comfortable at work where I basically sit all day, which is prime tummy poking out time. And any shirt, tent or poncho that can help with that is going to be SO greatly appreciated.


I honestly thought as time went by today that it would get worse and worse, but it surprisingly didn’t. I went to Target and had my normal WHEN DID MY BODY GET THIS SHAPE breakdown, combined with (also normal) MY BOOBS FIT IN NOTHING as I struggle with wanting to wear button up shirts but knowing that if I popped a button with my breast area that I could seriously damage a coworker.

And lets be honest, no one wants to be “that person” you know, “the one who killed someone in a roundabout way with her boobs and fashion choices”

But shirts were gained! Water was drank, right around 84 ounces to be exact. And I made it around 11 hours without eating, because I was waiting for dinner. This was not my original plan, as I had actually thought that I could snack AND go out to eat, but let me tell you, when I looked up the calories of what I wanted to eat, the food shock was REAL.

In fact, so real that it need its own post. So tune in for that real soon!

Also last minute update before I post this:

The caffeine headache is roaring, and has been since around 4pm. I thought it would go away when I ate, but no (originally I thought it was a hunger headache). Also, my jaw is so tight! Is this what happens when you don’t use it to chew constantly?! 





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