Food Shock



This is the Blue Ribbon Burger at Red Robin. Do you see those blue cheese crumbles?


They give me life. They validate my life. They make me feel like I’m a super powered awesome person flying through the sky on the winds of flavor.

It’s also 1,380 calories, and I need to eat under 1,461 A DAY. I’m not great at math but I know that I’m SHIT OUT OF LUCK when it comes to my cravings for this beauty.

However, planning out my dinner is what’s keeping me going today, on Day Freakin 1 of this journey.

The food shock is just so real, guys. Add on to it that I know I shouldn’t use ALL my calories in one very unhealthy meal…lame. So lame. But I don’t care, and I’m going to use all my calories on this amazing burger! I think.


I didn’t! Also, I made it through the day!

Ok well, I did use it all for a burger and fries. But I got a different burger, and took a bunch of stuff off of it, but still got to have the blue cheese crumbles AND fries (with chipotle dipping sauce!) and it was so worth it. I finally get why people are so obsessed with calorie counting apps and menus that have calories on it. I used to find the McDonalds calorie menu depressing, but now…I think I’m beginning to get it!

I am still beyond floored at how many calories are in things. I know, apparently I’ve been living under a rock to not get this, but DANG. No wonder people who diet wrap everything in lettuce, its the only way to have anything related to a sandwich without breaking your diet.


Guess its time to learn to like lettuce.




3 thoughts on “Food Shock

  1. I totally get it! Matt and I did Weight Watchers, which to us simplified the whole counting calories thing into a point system. I was shocked to see how many “points” were in my favorite things! D:


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