Intermittent Fasting

Hello and welcome! I feel as though this will turn into a post that I reference people back to, so I thought I’d say a quick hello and howdy-do!

(I don’t know why I’ve decided to suddenly sound like Ned Flanders)


Anyways, let’s talk about my plan for intermittent fasting. Turns out there’s a lot of information out there, but here’s a handy guide:



I’ve decided to do the Up To The Ninth Hour Fasting, meaning that I will wait until I’ve been awake 9 hours to eat. Now I can spread out my eating for the rest of the time I’m awake, but I also don’t believe in late night snacking.

I mean, I believe in and love it with my whole heart, but I don’t believe that I should let myself do it. Also important to note that during these fasting times I’ll be drinking a TON of water, which is good for body and also helps fill me up!

I also won’t just be fasting, but also counting calories. Here’s the stats based on my age, that I’m a female, weight, height, all that jazz:


And this is important to note cause lets face it, if I waited for 9 hours to stuff my face it wouldn’t super helpful if when I did eat, I cleaned out McDonalds and downed as much Coke as possible. Even though we all know that’s what I’ll want to do.


And there you have it! If you’d like to learn more about why I decided to try this (DO THIS! WOO FOR BELIEVING IN MYSELF!) then check out my post The Instant Food Gratification Is Strong With This One and if you’d like to see how my first day went, check out Day 1: Intermittent Fasting.


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