The weekend was my undoing (Days 3-5)

So, Day 3 consisted of my first time having to go out to eat for both lunch and dinner. I quickly realized that although 1.4k calories sounds like a ton of calories…it isn’t. Especially not when you have to eat more than once, and ESPECIALLY when you add in drinking.

Needless to say, it was my undoing.

So Day 3 lunch went awesome, turns out Bob Evans has some BANGIN salads.

We’re not going to talk about the amazing rolls and how many I shoved in my mouth, ok?


maybe some regrets

So after lunch I still had right around 700 calories to play around with, and I felt confident that I could do it. Then…I abandoned that confidence and just ate. But for once I didn’t stuff my face! I honestly could’ve gotten away with the 700 calories if it wasn’t for the drinks during and after, especially since I actively love the fruity/sugary drinks.

Day 4 was the aftermath of said drinks. I personally think if was the combination of alcohol and sugar that made me feel weird and gross all day. But I kept to my calories, even though I didn’t do the fasting, because I needed something to soak up the leftover wine in my belly, and a salad did the trick! However, there was leftover wine to be drank, and thus, I went over my calories both days.

I think it’s safe to blame the alcohol and not me. So there’s that!

And we’re not going to talk about Day 5 (today), because we went out to celebrate with my fiance’s aunt (to celebrate our ENGAGEMENT, WOOT WOOT) and dangit, nothing says celebrate quite like lobster mac n cheese.

So there it is. A not great caloric weekend, but for once I didn’t just crazy break my diet and shove my face full of whatever I could find. And I’m going to keep trying! So now you’re caught up!

Also, I got engaged in front of a giant gnome. It was awesome!





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  1. Love this post. I had quite the caloric weekend as well. It’s so hard to stick to your goals on the weekend, ugh! Well tomorrow’s a new start so let’s go crush our goals and make next weekend healthier.


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