Week 1 Recap (weight reveal!)

Sometimes it’s been a weak week, like yesterday when I got very angry at not being able to eat my whole pizza at Brixx. I mean, the whole thing is 1700 calories but DANGIT ALL, I wanted to shove it in my face and have no remorse!

Which I did later that night.

But hey, it’s a give and take. If I mess up with dinner at least I have the silver lining of not having ate at work all day. So it could always be worse, and by that I mean like, a week in a half ago I was still eating a full breakfast and lunch, going home and overeating at dinner. Looking back, I was easily going over not just my current calories but WAY over what I should have eaten in a day.

But chipole mayo is so good, can I get an amen?

Close enough!

Yall have probably already heard about my calorie filled weekend, but I have high hopes for the upcoming one! Currently my fiance feels like he’s a bad influence on me, because whenever we go out I always end up eating over my calories or going home and wanting to drink and hangout with him, and can we just take a minute to say how high in calorie ANY alcoholic beverage is!?

Girl, I just wanted some wine.

But let’s be real, it isn’t his fault. And it definitely helps that on the weekends I’m not at work, in my cubicle, where I’ve gotten used to drinking 64 oz of water a day and just living for dinner. His house is fun, and fun makes me want to eat.

>>>Also, thank you so much for the kind comments by friends and strangers on my last few posts, that is SO crazy! You guys are great.

Me loving on you random kind people. Also, a great representation of how I show my intense love for all the cats in my life. #NotAppreciated

Also an update on my Intermittent Fasting:

(background is here for any of you who’d like to know what the heck I’m talking about)

I’ve somewhat left 9th hour fasting for 16/8 fasting


Because sometimes having a granola bar (140 calories) is so worth it at work. My main calorie intake for the day remains dinner, and the 16 hour fast in between is super easy, as long as you don’t think to yourself “Wow, I won’t eat again for 24 hours” when you’re about to take your last bite. I highly do not recommend this.

On to the weight reveal!


So it’s the end of the first week, and I weighed myself this morning, and I’m down 3 pounds! Amazing. I know I won’t always have losses, but this is GREAT. I also haven’t started to work out yet, so it’s extra awesome to know that when I do I already have a track record of losing weight without it, which is nice.

So there’s Week 1!



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