I’m back!

So, here’s the update:

I did a little bit better over the weekend, but still ended up ravenous every day around 2pm. Not cool.

I’m typically doing well during the days at work! I did just eat a granola bar which totally breaks my fast early, and I’ve gotta tell you…I don’t super care. Hahaha.

I only lost a few ounces this week, which is fair since when I did get super hungry on the weekend I did end up eating a lot earlier, which typically meant actually using my 8 hours to eat, which made it a lot easier to go over my calorie limit.

I’m finally ready to start exercising! But not in a super intense way. I always hate how when you try to start exercising that’s the one fact that everyone remembers about you and feels the need to constantly ask you about. Seriously, I’m walking to the bathroom at work and get stopped to be asked about how my workouts are going because I happened to share that I’m trying to work out.

And I’m just waiting to pee like:

Image result for frustrated

But it is what it is, and I tell you what if I ever have any advice for someone, its to not mention to someone very well meaning and nice, but so so random, that you want to start working out. It doesn’t matter if she was calmly talking about it first, she will make you want to use a bathroom on another floor.

If you give a mouse a cookie, am I right?

Also, an update to feeling depressed: It passed! I didn’t feel like wallowing in my hunger and sadness, so I painted my fiance’s bathroom for the next 2 days, which really worked out my depression. Also, Netflix comedies and lots of singing along to Pandora.

So there you have it. Not much lost this week, but I am noticing it getting easier to just drink water during the day, but mainly at work.

Hope you have a good day, happy Thursday!



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