Weight Update (Week 3)

Hey everyone, this is a day late but I wanted to update on my weight (taken yesterday). I lost 2 pounds last week, and in total have lost 5 pounds since starting Intermittent Fasting!

So this is crazy, and of course definitely awesome to see it working!

But for reals…I was not very strict with my eating last weekend, and I expected to step on the scale and have gained weight. I ate breakfast both Saturday and Sunday (and unhealthy at that!), but I did find out that my body is definitely used to not eating a lot. Both days I was not hungry around dinnertime, despite having spent all day Saturday putting together IKEA furniture (I’m talking from 11 to 8pm, walking around IKEA and building the darn things). It was pretty cool to have my fiance tell me he was hungry and for me to not be, cause seriously….that never happens! I mean, I ate some pizza cause tell you what, once I smelled it my stomach was rumbling.

Image result for pooh bear rumbly in my tumbly

All in all, I do believe that the all day activity is the source of the weight loss/at the very least not weight gain!

I also wanted to share what I feel like I’ve officially learned, even though I’ve only been doing this for a few weeks.

What I’ve Learned So Far

You really do get used to only drinking water/having a small snack. Right now I eat dinner around 5 or 6pm, and have a granola bar at 11am. I’m a crazy consumer of water, but even that has stopped being a constant need for water like it was in the beginning:

I’ve also realized that I definitely tend to overeat at dinner because I feel I’ve “earned” it. When you have 1400 calories to eat you tend to be like BRING ON THE TACOS, but I still get the guilt afterward when I’m full to bursting. I just don’t all that food, which is something I never thought I’d ever say. Do I still want to eat it all? YES. But I’m seeing that if I can stop when I’m full, it’s be incredibly easy to go under my calories for the day, which is awesome! Granted I have no idea how that would be if I worked out, because then my body would legit need the food. So who knows!

Also, restaurants that don’t offer calorie info…not cool. I don’t want to just assume that I’m safe to eat my whole meal, because some things really will set me almost over (if not all the way). Like a Noodles & Company macaroni and cheese bowl that I ate yesterday was 1,000 calories. What if I didn’t know that!? Also can we just talk about that I used to eat that for lunch and then a few hours later have a full dinner? Does anyone else ever look back at how they used to eat and think “Wow, how am I not 100 pounds heavier?!” and tell you what, thank the pasta god above that our bodies burn calories just staying alive, because if not….I think I’d be full Jabba the Hutt right now.

Image result for jabba the hutt

My biggest weakness: drinking. I’ve talked about it before but I’m saying it again, it’s amazing how 2 mixed drinks on a chill Saturday night can shove you over your calorie limit by a TON. So I’m trying to cut back….kind of. What can I say, it’s a weakness! Also, fruity drinks are life!

PS. My longing for soda is gone. I know what you’re thinking if you know me: WHO ARE YOU!? And I’m not saying that in a “praise the lord!” way, I just think my life has become so about what I get to eat that my brain is totally turned off by the huge waste of calories. Like uh, I could have a Coke, but then I couldn’t eat break?! Naw.

And that’s about it. Currently I have lots of projects going on, so I’m probably going to start blogging about those. But if you’re here just for the weight loss updates (and relate to the struggle!) I promise to always mark these in the category of ‘Weight Struggle’ and I’ll always blog around Thursday or Friday about weight (the ups, the downs, the need for pasta!). Let me know how you’re doing if you’re on a weight journey, I’d love to spread some positivity!

Tot out!



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