Back to the grind!

Ok. Life has been stressful. We all know I’ve been eating my feelings. And yes, I’m up a pound from where this first began.

Honestly, I’m ok with all of that.

None of this:

Mostly this:

Cause dangit, how have I not gained 20lbs?!

Thank the potato lord above!

But today I’m officially back on this, with the addition of….


working out! That’s right! 100 calories in less then 20 minutes. I’m pumped! (also, my legs and abs are dying. RIP muscles)

Please know that I’m not over here fist pumping by any means, but I’m definitely glad to be back on this tater tot to french fry train. I’ve realized that it’s less then a year to my wedding, and I don’t want to be shockingly different at it. I want to look healthy, but more importantly I want to be able to keep the weight off. I don’t want to look back at my wedding pictures and sigh, wishing that I had been able to keep that body.

I feel like that happens to a lot of people. Then they don’t really enjoy looking at their wedding pictures years later, because it makes them feel guilty for not being able to keep up with how they looked back then. I don’t want that to be me. Honestly I wish I had been steadily losing weight before this, because I think its a lot better to get healthy for YOU then for pictures of a special day. But that’s just me, and girl, you take whatever inspiration you can!

So here we are, back to the grind. I’ve purposefully not brought money to work so I can’t buy a sandwich for lunch. I am still going to eat during the day, but I’m working my way back to the fasting that I was doing before. My goal for this is to be able to continue that fasting on the weekends, even if it means eating a small healthy lunch, cause we all know what happens if I don’t eat…

So yeah! Welcome back, and lets do this!




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