Crazy People (and dealing with their poo!)

Y’all. I won’t go into the situation that’s happening right now, because its Crazy Town, and although I’m on the train there, you don’t have to be!

(If you’d like to read more of my feelings about this predicament, I write about it here)

The short version is, sometimes crazy people spread their crazy around. And yesterday it landed on me, and dangit if I’m not still thinking about the stupidness that was said to me! And I know I shouldn’t let the crazy get to me, but I still found myself thinking about it late last night, but I came up with an analogy that is really helping me to stop having the circular thinking that has plagued me my whole life. We’re talking middle school and someone says something mean to me, and I can’t stop thinking about it for days. Some people can just let that go, but I can’t (but I wish I could!).

And this is truly some middle school shit stuff.


Anyways, to the analogy!

If you’ve ever frequently changed a baby’s diaper, you’ll know how poo can spread. One minute you’ve got in under control, you’re using wipes, you’ve got this! Then you notice a bit is on their leg, and you freak out, because EEW. Then you notice it’s on your hand, and you’re forearm…

And it’s out of control. That baby is twisting around, you’re ready to put both of you in the shower, burn everyone’s clothes and call it a day. Maybe say a few chants to the poo god above to help you forget about this incident.

But you can’t do any of that. You have to use 1000 wipes, try and control a squirmy baby, not throw up on yourself, etc etc.  And that can’t be helped, because baby’s poo.

But thinking about some shitty thing over and over again can be helped. So every time I think about the dumb thing that happened, I’m telling myself DON’T TOUCH THE POO. Because even though there is poo everywhere, doesn’t mean I have to touch it. And every time I think about it, I’m really just getting more and more poo on myself. Was I the one who poo-ed everywhere?

Heck no. Because:


But by me thinking about it and how freakin stupid the whole thing is, I’m not letting myself escape the poo situation. And gurl, I need to get out. Cause its stinky and gross. If you’re plagued by circular thinking, or just not letting something go, I’m guessing you can relate.

Anyway, that’s whats up. Trying to not touch the poo, not ride the train to crazy town…basically, just distance myself from the situation. Because even when people do/say mean stuff, it doesn’t actually change anything (at least in this situation). Still got all my limbs, still can’t wait till this is over…yup, all the same. The only thing that really happened was rude people got to say rude things, I laughed and walked away…and now I’m done thinking about it! #Determined






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