Back at it (again!)

Well, we got our engagement pictures done. And although I can say “Well, the camera was at a really low angle…” at a certain point in life you’ve gotta realize that Violet Beauregarde looked rotund at any angle.

So here I am, newly inspired! How many times have I been newly inspired you may be wondering?

A lot.

But it’s either that or keep stuffing my face with sandwiches unapologetically. Which you know I want to do! But instead, I’m back baby!

Real talk: I weighed in at 207 lbs before Thanksgiving, yesterday I weighed in at 205. I actively believe that those 2 pounds are like socks in the laundry, we have no control over them, sometimes they’re there, sometimes they’re not! But I’ll take the lower starting weight for sure!

So I’m back to my fasting, which really is me trying to drink water during the day, resist eating even a granola bar because that’s always my downfall, and waiting to eat anything until dinner!

Additionally, it’s trying not to completely stuff myself at dinner, because that’s just not the point!

One thing I do know is…I don’t want my wedding photos to be a repeat of my engagement ones. There’s around 4 or 5 that I like, and that’s me being pretty generous and telling myself to look at how good Matt looks and how good of a picture it is in general. The biggest struggle of course will be weekends, but I’m hoping to start fixing that! I now have a crockpot and hot plate, so at the very least we can save money by eating at his house room, and although they won’t be that healthy it will be a lot easier to eat less when you can control your own portion. Because I don’t know about you guys but I’m programmed to just blindly trust a restaurant, meaning “Oh, you guys gave me this much to eat, that’s how much I’ll eat!” when we all really know that we should probably only eat half of what we’re given, at least in restaurants in the US.

I’m super tempted to start blogging what I eat every few days, just as a way to keep me on track. Because its the little things that I sneak during the day that will be the hardest to quit in the end. And it super helps that I sit in cubicle land, which means that candy can always be found! But I can do better, even though in the moment I go full Gollum when I try and deny myself a piece of candy.

Anywho, that’s where we’re at! Look forward to a lot more weight updates, and me complaining about how ungodly sweaty I get when I work out for 15 minutes.

Because the sweat is REAL.


PS. The way his eyes crinkle with happiness because he’s getting the kisses…

Worth it. Worth it to not like all the other ones. CAUSE LOOK AT THAT FACE.



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