A bet has been made!

Yall. Its about to go down.

December 1st I made a bet with my mom that I’d lose 55 pounds by August. That’s 243 days to lose it all (as of the start of the bet). Is it a lot of weight to lose? HECK YES.

But you know what, I’m determined. Here’s the thoughts behind it/details:

I need to order my wedding dress by August. I’m going the online route at a trusted Etsy shop and they can make it in 6 weeks with shipping taking 5 days or so. However, its me and I would much rather send in my measurements in July, so that’s the real end date. But talk about motivation, nothing screams LOSE THAT WEIGHT quite like having to measure yourself for your wedding dress. Add on to that how the engagement pictures went…well let’s just say I’m motivated.

Jump to the other day I’m on Pinterest and came across this website, Healthy Wage, that will basically bet you that you can’t lose weight, and double your money if you actually do accomplish it. I won’t go into it, but this article helped me understand what’s up and that its apparently a real thing! So I start telling my mom about it and how I was thinking about doing it, and the next day she offered to make the bet with me instead of me having to go through the website. And tell you what…somehow there’s something even more motivating knowing that your own mom is going to take your money if you lose a bet to make it even more motivating*.

Now the bet has been made! How much you may be wondering? Well, I’m not telling you because it just feels weird to talk about money. But lets just say that I will be making it rain if and when I win.

Since the bet, I’ve actually been doing really good! It’s hella motivating to know that there’s money involved, and I’m a super stubborn and competitive person, so I am intensely determined to not have her win. We’re talking I shaved my legs after months of basically having man legs so I won’t have any more excuses to not throw on a pair of shorts and exercise on my break at work.

So now you’re all caught up. There’s a bet, if and when I win it’s gonna be amazing AND I’ll look great in my wedding dress. Bonus, I’ll also probably be super crazy buff and in my spare time pick up cars and get into push-up contests with CrossFit people.

That’s what fit people do, right?


*there’s no better word! I can’t help it, the word of the day is apparently MOTIVATING.


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