Feeling Faint + Weekend Update

Today is the first day that I’ve truly felt awful with this whole ‘not eating during the day‘ thing. And I still have no regrets…but tell you what, it’s making this Monday hard. I’ve already done one round on the elliptical (burning roughly 100 calories) but my goal was to start doing it twice a day this week. Tell you what though, that is definitely not happening when I feel like this. I already cannot wait to eat, which is no surprise because we all know I’ve been ready to eat since I woke up.

And now for the weekend update!

It went good! That’s right, first time ever, it actually went good!

I didn’t binge eat or have drinks, I actually waited all day to eat and drink tons of water! I did have a soda, but honestly, no regrets! I had the calories left that I could drink it, and I know that its not a healthy choice, but oh well!

Also, I decided to start doing a weight update every 2 weeks, cause I swear it just goes up and down depending on the time of day. So now you’re all caught up!

Tater Out!


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