Week Goals in a video update form! ~1~

Also called: Sunday Intensions (oooooh, ahhhh, an official name!)

Hi everyone! I’m starting something new and intentional, I’m going to be doing a short vlog on Sundays giving a quick update, sharing my goals for that week and doing a weight update as well!

Last night was my 1st one, let me know what you think in the comments down below! I know it’s kind of odd, doing a mixed media sort of blog, but having to do a video feels like just the kick in the ass I need to set goals and actually work for them. Sometimes having a long goal can be harder then just having a goal for that week, because I don’t know about you, but I can push off a weekly goal until all of a sudden it’s  Thursday night and it feels too late to start. Then suddenly its Sunday night, time for a fresh start…but I’m tired and forgot to shower, so maybe Tuesday?

And so on and so forth. Here’s the video, it’s 5 minutes and in my opinion, worth giving a watch 🙂

If you don’t care to watch, I got you:

-Weekly Sunday vlog, typically short, outlining the goal for that week (upping a certain workout, trying a different food, etc)

-Life update: living with Matt now, cooking for myself, kind of loving it!

-Food: dang I want to eat healthy…but quinoa…. sounds weird

-Weight: 197-199. Under 200 yall!



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