Thoughts I have while online wedding dress shopping

-Oh god, that dress dips super low in back. I have way too much acne scaring for that. Although if I got a tattoo back piece, that would look amazing AND cover up the scars. Is that in the budget though?

-If I don’t lose the weight and look huge in all of my wedding pictures, will that put a damper on the day? I know that’s superficial and lame, but its an honest worry.

-If I get an all lace dress will that be “too much” lace? Will it look too hippy?

-If I have a lace top and a tulle skirt, and I have it all be a different color other than white…is that too much going on? Can there be too much going on with a wedding dress? I mean, you already have typical brides wearing a ball gown, with diamonds on their ears and necks, tons of makeup, an elaborate hairstyle…don’t even get me started on the crazy high heels! And that’s all perfectly acceptable and looks amazing. So I’m guessing that there’s not anything that will make a wedding “too much”?

-Do brides get tired of having to hold up their dress the whole day? I think I’ll end up feeling like Belle having to hold up her massive yellow ballgown! What if my arm gets tired and I just change into jeans? They could be white jeans! BAM, amazing compromise.

-What if I buy a skirt online that’s cheap but looks AMAZING in person? So worth it! Or what if it shows up and I hate it and just wasted that money. I wish I could just ask the Etsy seller “Yo, does this look hella cheap? Am I gonna look like a 3 year old ballerina? Tell me!!”

-If I lose enough weight I could look amazing in this, and it’s stretchy lace! But if I hate things touching my body now, will that change if I weigh less? It’ll still be touching me. So now I have to wonder, is me disliking clothes touching me a sensory/comfortability issue, or is it psychological because if clothes are hugging me that means you can see my overweight body. Cause you know, now’s the time to be analyzing your mental health, as the wedding day inches closer and closer. NO NOW IS A PERFECT TIME.

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