Beginning Minimalism

You should know that the working title was:

‘I’m keeping most of my knick knacks: A story of how you can pry my books out of my cold dead hands’

Anywho, minimalism is something I’ve been attracted to for a while now. Although as a side note that I’ll throw out there right now, I’m not into the typical minimalism, or rather…I have my own spin.

I have found that often minimalist rooms are just white on white, and have little to no things in them (except uncomfortable looking chairs. I’m trying to get rid of stuff, that doesn’t mean I’m getting rid of my ability to feel pain in my butt), and that’s just not for me. I love how clean everything looks, but let’s face it, I always think a room would look better if it was lime green, had a few weird things in it, and a bunch of books.


(My tailbone hurts just looking at this)

But the MOSTLY lack of clutter is what appeals to me, especially now that I have my own space. I don’t want to spend a lot of time on my weekend tidying a place that just has too much stuff. And after finding places for all the things, I’m still not happy, which has led me to this minimalism business.

So far I’ve gotten rid of a bunch of clothes, because I’m one of those people that really does just wear the same things over and over. Or I buy things with the best of intention, but then realize it just isn’t working out. For instance, I want my wardrobe to mostly transition from one season to another, so I got cute flowy tank tops and sweaters to mix and match, because in my mind I could wear the tank top in summer, and do a light or heavy sweater depending on the rest of the seasons. Also as a side note, I love having the ability to strip down in layers, so many of the places I’ve worked vary in temperature, so I love being able to have short sleeves on at my desk, in the dead of winter. So the moment comes to take off the sweater, and then I realize I DON’T LIKE MY ARMS. Of course I don’t! This isn’t news! Most women don’t like their arms, but especially chubby girls (kudos to you if you do, own that body girl!). But I don’t. So now I’m stuck in a chunky sweater in a super warm office, and it has occurred to me that something has to change.

So that’s the clothes situation. Also, way too many shoes. I wear freakin 5 pairs of shoes (if that), so I got rid of a lot of the other ones. Same with socks! So many socks.

And now I’m doing the house. So far what I’ve realized is that I have a lot of ‘One Day’ items, meaning that I’ve been saving them to use ‘one day’. Or thought that they were cute, but really were just clutter that it made me sad/guilty to part with. And honestly, I’m not 100% ruthless, and I don’t feel bad about that. I still have a few stuffed animals that are completely pointless, but I feel too guilt ridden to let them go, and that’s okay. While cleaning and deciding what to keep it’s really opened my eyes to how much stuff we have, and what a huge pain it’ll be to move in a few years if we don’t pare down. Not to say that we’re hoarders, we just have a town home full of stuff…but that’s not really ok with me anymore. Especially when a bunch of it is stuff we don’t actively use! So. Frustrating. But that knowledge is spurring me on to get rid of all the things!

So that’s the current journey with minimalism! If you have any tips please let me know down in the comments, and you’re on a “journey” with your space, please share 🙂



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