Hello 2018!

Hi everyone! It has been a HOT minute since I was on here! Let’s catch you up:

-I’ve been sick since before new years. So watching what I eat just hasn’t been happening. How does anyone intermittent fast when sick?!

Super humans, I tell you what. Don’t even get me started on working out. So let’s be real, I’m probably back up to my starting weight, but we’re not even gonna go there right now.

-I moved in with Matt! What what, cohabitation y’all!

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Back to the grind!

Ok. Life has been stressful. We all know I’ve been eating my feelings. And yes, I’m up a pound from where this first began.

Honestly, I’m ok with all of that.

None of this:

Mostly this:

Cause dangit, how have I not gained 20lbs?!

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It begins

Or rather, it’s been beginning for years now, but never actually going past the first stage. Yes that’s right, I have never successfully lost weight.

But then again, I’ve never truly¬†tried, so isn’t that not as bad?

I’m going to say…yes. Go me! ish.

However, this is different. I’m not just determined, but I’m in an actual healthy mental state. This is the first time that I’m going to try and lose weight while actually loving my body. I’m pretty excited because before I was always motivated by my hatred of my body, which you would think would be a great motivator. But when I’m mad or sad, especially at myself, I tend to drown my sorrows in McDonald’s Breakfast sandwiches. You can see why this hasn’t worked in the past, especially considering how fast I break down and drown my sorrows in biscuits, or reward myself in Chipotle. I would say that it’s been an uphill battle, but really I’ve just been chillin in a hammock at the bottom of the hill surrounded by fast food and coffee.

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