Work Week Workout! Jan. 29 – Feb. 2

Hey everyone, welcome to the first work week update! (these will start going up Friday night, but I slacked last week)


Today I had a half cup of almonds, which I’ve recently gotten into. I know, I’m the WORST fitness person, cause I had never had almonds until a guy at work was like YO try them, you’ll like them! And you know what, he was right. They’re so good (yay for salt!) and weirdly filling. As someone who can really stuff themselves, how full I can feel on almonds is weird. Alien technology? Maybe.

Side note, should I actually list what I eat. Is that weird? Would people read that and think “huh, this girl is obsessed with herself?” or would it help keep me intentional and on track? Am I thinking about this too much? Who freakin knows. Back to Monday!

Yall. I’m dying for sugar. And I already had a soda! Yes. I had a soda at like…7am. But I’m letting myself finish the cans of soda I had, and then not have anymore! So really the focus is not being wasteful. You’re welcome, Earth!

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Week Goals in a video update form! ~1~

Also called: Sunday Intensions (oooooh, ahhhh, an official name!)

Hi everyone! I’m starting something new and intentional, I’m going to be doing a short vlog on Sundays giving a quick update, sharing my goals for that week and doing a weight update as well!

Last night was my 1st one, let me know what you think in the comments down below! I know it’s kind of odd, doing a mixed media sort of blog, but having to do a video feels like just the kick in the ass I need to set goals and actually work for them. Sometimes having a long goal can be harder then just having a goal for that week, because I don’t know about you, but I can push off a weekly goal until all of a sudden it’s  Thursday night and it feels too late to start. Then suddenly its Sunday night, time for a fresh start…but I’m tired and forgot to shower, so maybe Tuesday?

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